2019 Location - 4:45 & C

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2020 UPDATE: We are nearly full! Very limited spots left for international campers only

 Vines Without Borders

VINES - Burning Man Theme Camp

A Global Wine Bar on the Playa

Theme Camp for Burning Man Wine Lovers

Vines Without Borders is a Burning Man Theme Camp offering an intimate, relaxing wine lounge experience in an uber cool LED lit space. We host a daily wine happy hour starting around sunset. It's a place folks to kickoff their evenings and have the time, space and atmosphere to connect with their peer burners. We offer wines from around the world and will be home to burners from around the world. Come by and share some time and wine with us.

​Vino, 酒​, Wein, вино, Vin, Wijn, віно​, ワイン​, şarap​, شراب​, יין

​People & Wine Are Our Passion

Our wine lounge experience on the playa is unique; good wine, cool setting. The Vines burning man theme camp was founded on the idea of enjoying wine with burners from around the world. A key attribute of our theme camp is intimacy - we create a place where people can relax, connect and mingle so that they make connections that last beyond the burning man event itself. So, the lounge has comfy couches and chairs, warm lighting, and just the right sound level of music. People can kick back and mellow out while making new friends and sipping good wine. In particular, we invite burners from around the globe to both camp with us and visit with us.