2023 UPDATE: We're full for this year!  So sorry, no more spots.


Lounge Open for Guests: 24 hours (except for Man Burn)

 Vines Without Borders

Copyright - really? @ Vines Without Borders Burning Man Theme Camp. 

•  6:30-Midnight: Welcome Home Toast and Dance Party (Gifting Wine and Champagne) 

Monday:  New World Wines
•  Gifting Wine - 3 PM-Midnight
•  2-3 PM – Guided Tasting – The Wines of South Africa
•  3-6 PM – Saké and Snacks

Tuesday: Celebrating the Wines of Spain and Portugal
•  Gifting Wine 3 PM- Midnight in Main Lounge
•  2-3 PM - "Wine Appreciation 101"
•  3-5 PM - Iberian Wine and Iberian Ham Tasting

Wednesday:  Celebrating all things French!
•  10 AM-Noon - Champagne and Donuts – (gifting glassware for the first 200)
•  3 PM-Midnight – Gifting Wine in Main Lounge
•  6-9 PM - Burner Prom at the Moulin Rouge (Formal Night)
•  Midnight-2 AM - Midnight Portholes and Poetry.  Enjoy random poetry readings, port, and donut holes!

Thursday: Celebrating the Wines of Italy
•  Gifting Wine in the Main Lounge 3 PM-Midnight
•  3-6 PM: Italian Wine and Cheese Tasting
•  2-3 PM: Wine Appreciation 102

Friday: Welcome to the Wine Spa
•  Gifting Wine in Main Lounge 3 PM - Midnight
•  3-6 PM:  Welcome to the Wine Spa; Enjoy chilled wine, cooling face masks, and lickable tattoos 

Saturday:  Drink the World
•  Gifting Wine in Main Lounge 2 PM- Man Burn

​​2023 Location: 4:45 & C

A Global Wine Bar on the Playa

Serving wine and great company from 3pm-12am daily

Vines Without Borders is a Burning Man Theme Camp offering an intimate, relaxing wine lounge experience in an uber cool LED lit space. We serve wine and great company with an international flair from 3pm-midnight daily. It's a place to kickoff evenings and have the time, space, and atmosphere to connect with peer burners. We are home to burners from around the world and offer wines from around the world.

Theme Camp for Burning Man Wine Lovers

​Vino, 酒​, Wein, вино, Vin, Wijn, віно​, ワイン​, şarap​, شراب​, יין