Our Theme Camp's Plan to Leave No Trace

​​2023 Location: 4:45 & C

Copyright - really? @ Vines Without Borders Burning Man Theme Camp. 

 Vines Without Borders

2023 UPDATE: We're full for this year!  So sorry, no more spots.

We need to be custodians of the playa!!!!

MOOP = Matter Out of Place (Litter, trash, junk, etc. that does not belong on the playa) This is anything not natural the the high dessert that people brought in. This include natural things like leaves that might have been in trunk of your car. Anything, no matter how small, needs to be picked up.We need a MOOP MANAGER - job is to lead and champion our plan to leave no trace.

Basic MOOP Game Plan is:

1) Prevent MOOP by not bring it in the first place--> "PreCycle" Food packaging is the main culprit- remove as much as possible before packing up. Remove the paper and plastic covering to your Cup-o-Soups. Take beers and waters out of the cardboard and plastic wrapping. Take the plastic seal off the peanut butter jar. You get it.Food itself is the second culprit - don't bring food that creates a lot of waste byproduct. No watermelon, no whole chickens, no veggie skins. Peel your carrots at home. Chop the onions ahead of time and store them in a plastic bag. No glass beer bottles! Bring cans that can be recycled.

2) Make a Place for It: So, we will have community garbage cans and recycle cans. Everybody will have to pack a couple out. Little garbage: We will have empty plastic drink bottles taped to the shade poles. These are for cigarette butts, little food scraps, small pieces of paper, whatever. Once they are filled, move them into the big trash and tape a new, empty bottle to the pole.Left Over Liquids: Running a bar means we will find half empty beers and last nights wine left in a cup. We will have several large plastic jugs with labels behind the bar collecting and storing this inevitable half glasses of wine found the next morning and half drunk beers.

3) Clean as We Go We will have a pair of people assigned to the Daily MOOP Duty. Duty consists of a morning bar area clean up (trash, butts, liquids, wiping down bar and coffee tables), a run to the aluminum can recycle place, and an afternoon full camp sweep for MOOP. Plus, bringing any left behind items to the lost and found. Use the rake to find buried MOOP.

4) NO DRIPS - inspect under RVs and Cars for drips (oil or sewage) and place carpet pieces for oil and buckets for sewage drips.

​5) Final Clean Up. We will assign a lead (before we go) for the Final MOOP Walk Through. After the camp is largely broken down we will walk the entire camp area with a fine tooth comb. We will walk the adjacent camp areas as well. Yes, the adjacent camp areas as well.