Camp Duties & Logistics

Everybody works, everybody pays, everybody participates

2023 UPDATE: We're full for this year!  So sorry, no more spots.

Copyright - really? @ Vines Without Borders Burning Man Theme Camp. 

​​2023 Location: 4:45 & C

 Vines Without Borders

If you camp with us you camp for the whole week - no part weekers, it disrupts the group coming together. We have two core principles: Everybody Participates and No Centers of Attention.

Vines Without Borders will take some heavy lifting to get orchestrated, setup, run, and torn down. If you want to join us, you are committing to the following:

  • You want to contribute to the wine lounge experience
  • You will help around camp, especially with MOOP
  • You will show up on time and joyfully do your work duty
  • You will be a happy soul
  • You will welcome people into our camp
  • You will keep a sunny disposition and reserve your personal, downer crap for some place outside of camp
  • You will keep the kitchen area clean for fuck's sake!

We use Facebook to communicate via the Vines Without Borders Facebook Group.

Every day we will need four sets of people to do the following:

1) MOOP Duty (two people daily) Sweep the site for MOOP, clean the bar area, bring the cans to the recycle place, and handle the trash. Pour half drunk wine and beer into the bucket. This is to be done in the morning.

2) BAR PREP (two people daily) Get ice fort the camp, put wine into coolers. Clean bar area, fill gas into generators, start generators and turn on the lights at sunset. Get the music going.

Working at the bar: We typically have 3 bar shifts per day (3-6, 6-9 and 9-12). Bar shifts include working the bar (serving) and “sober patrol” (keeping the bar safe). There are no bar shifts the evening of the burn. You can bring snacks for your bar shift; however, it cannot be food that requires cooking (without speaking to Lisa first). We DO NOT have a food permit. Please NO SLEEPING IN THE BAR. We do not allow minors in the bar.

3) RUN THE BAR AT NIGHT (three people daily) Host the guest!!! Pour the wine, check IDs, watch the generators and refill as needed. No guest are allowed serve wine, keep guest from going behind the bar, no giving of bottles to guests, no dancing on the bar. Really, really important - CHECK IDs, watch for underage kids hanging out to get booze.

​4) SOBER PATROL (two people daily) Walk the camp to keep order. Be the point of contact to get a Ranger/Police if needed. Be vigilant about skeevy people. Make sure nobody is pissing behind the RVs, keep the creeps off the women. Lastly, put the booze safely away at the end of the night.


  • Leave unnecessary packaging at home. Remember that you will be hauling your own trash off the playa. 

  • We anticipate that composting will be available this year through Camp IDEATE. 

  • Whose Trash is it? Everyone, including tent campers, should be prepared to take a bag of camp trash off playa with them and dispose of it responsibly. If you brought wine on playa – you need to be prepared to take the same amount of empty wine bottles with you when you leave. 

  • Tip: Choose crushable cans over plastic or glass. Recycling is available on playa. Recycle Camp crushes and shreds cans, sells the material, and then donates the money to schools in the Gerlach area. Everyone wins! 


This is your time to shine. Have fun but be responsible. Litter is a no-no. Sequins are frowned upon. Feathers were verboten. Don’t create a mess that you wouldn’t want to clean up yourself. You are responsible for making sure your stuff doesn’t become MOOP. 

  • We wear clothes in camp. We may/will have patrons who come to the bar in the buff and that’s great, but they don’t serve wine or food. Topless is okay.