Vines Without Borders

2019 Location - 4:45 & C

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2020 UPDATE: We are nearly full! Very limited spots left for international campers only


​2019 at 4:45 & C


Our mission at Vines Without Borders is to create an international wine lounge experience with people and wines from around the world. We offer a welcoming, cool place to enjoy really good and sometimes great wines.

Our home base is Menlo Park, California, USA. This is also the home for Facebook's headquarters and Silicon Valley's Venture Capital community on Sand Hill Road.

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Theme Camp Placement Application

Camp Logistics/What We Provide

In 2019 were are located at 4:45 & C, a great location.

Our camp organizes the following items, our shared camp expenses pay for these:

  • 36' x 50' shade structure, the front part of the structure is the wine lounge and bar, the rear is our common area. In the common area we have spaces for 12 tents, a social sitting/eating area and kitchen prep area.
  • Shower; you provide your own water.
  • Evapotron to evaporate grey water from kitchen and shower.
  • Kitchen prep area includes tables, cleaning station, common trash, and BBQ; we provide the gas for the BBQ.
  • Generator for lighting the bar and common areas. We provide the gas for that too.
  • Ice for cooling the wine and everybody's coolers
  • Storage of the camp infrastructure

We do not provide:

  • Water
  • Food
  • Drama
  • Drugs (except the wine)

We wear our clothes, but it is OK to go topless.

The Shared Camp Expenses
Our major costs are the lounge storage, wine and gas for the generators. Our theme camp fee is US$185 to cover this. 

Theme Camp Duties

Check out the work that we need to do each day here.